MED Mediterranean Dialogues 2020 is ready to launch the second edition of the “Youth Forum Contest – Ideas and Project at Work”, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and ISPI.

The contest aims to give a selected number of youths from the Mediterranean region the chance to present their innovative, entrepreneurial ideas and projects for pandemic recovery to MED’s high-level audience. Participants will have a unique opportunity to challenge themselves with thinking of new strategies to boost dialogue, development and cooperation amongst Mediterranean countries in the harsh post-COVID scenario.

To this aim, this year the Youth Forum Contest will select young leaders who will be able to elaborate creative responses to the current pandemic crisis in the MENA region and on supporting post-pandemic recovery in the areas of Culture and Education, Civil society, Health, Food and Water Security, Employment and Business, and Urban Innovation.

The MED 2020 Youth Forum Contest office will accept applications until 11 October.

Applications will only be accepted via the online form. Each entry should include the following information:

1. A short letter of motivation (explaining why they wish to participate in the MED2020 Youth Forum Contest, no longer than 200 words, in pdf format)

2. A complete description of their project (using the attached PowerPoint format).

3. An updated CV (in pdf format)


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