Letter N24

How Azerbaijan was created

To President of France

Emmanuel Macron

To Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel

To President of Russia

Putin V.V.

N1 The Future Avenue of

Khor Virap-Mountain Ararat,

Church Khor Virap

The holy place of the old and


from Khachatryan U

Dear Europeans

Dear Americans

Dear Macron

Dear Putin

Dear Merkel

I remind you once again that Azerbaijan was created on the territory of South East Armenia by communists Lenin and Stalin, at first, Lenin called that Republic a communist turkish republic, which was to join Turkey under Lenin’s plan, because Ataturk was telling Lenin that he was also carrying out a communist revolution. That is why Lenin gave Turkey large quantities of weapons, gold, and uniforms to fight against world imperialism, then it turned out that this “imperialist” was the newly created Armenian state on the territory of the central part of South East Armenia, which was very far from imperialism.

Now, like Lenin, Trump is giving money, weapons and spirit to Turkey and Azerbaijan, who used that money and weapons to attack Nagorno-Karabakh on September 27 of 2020.

A communist red star was hung on the hats of turkish soldiers attacking the newly created Armenian Republic, which is why the Armenian communists disorganized the turkish-Armenian battlefront by saying that our turkish brothers are coming to liberate us from the rich robbers, many of those Armenian communists committed suicide when they saw how the turks started the genocide in Western Armenia and continue in Eastern Armenia.

Lenin, seeing that the turks were deceiving, did not carry out a communist revolution, the newly created communist turkish republic was renamed Azerbaijan in 1920, and the people azerbaijanis, who are the descendants of tatars, persians, lezgins, talyshs, kurds, which made up about 40 percent of the population of that fledgling republic, the rest of the population were Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Germans, Armenians. At that time Nakhchivan, Nagorno Karabakh, where Armenians have lived for more than 8000 years, was part of the Armenian Republic.

At that time, the Kars region, Surmalu Province with Mount Ararat were part of the Armenian Republic.

With Stalin’s help, Nakhchivan and Nagorno-Karabakh became part of Azerbaijan, and the Kars region and the province of Surmalu with Mount Ararat were given to Turkey.

For full peace in Caucasus, Azerbaijan must return Field Karabakh, including Gandzak, Kutkashen, Nakhchivan region.

So, I suggest that Erdogan and Aliyev do not spread misinformation about Karabakh in the United States and in the world, instead let them admit Karabakh’s independence.

Turkey must return to the Armenian people the Western Armenia, Kars region, Surmalu province with Mount Ararat.

Best Regards   Khachatryan



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