Zurich (Switzerland),  June 6th, 2021
The “Swiss Federalism” association, in collaboration with the Global Chamber of Business Leaders and the Milton Friedman Institute, is launching a selection of particularly innovative projects, of which the best 20 will benefit from the support of a Swiss investment fund able to help them financially in the processes of growth, implementation and internationalisation: registration deadline 15 July 2021, awards ceremony and closing event 18 September in Zurich



ZURICH – This is the first time the initiative has been launched with a real “bang” and is organised in collaboration with the Global Chamber of Business Leaders and the Milton Friedman Institute. In spite of the coronavirus pandemic and the gloomy forecasts for the world economy, this year sees the start of the first edition of an exceptional international competition aimed at rewarding start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises capable of demonstrating the best capacity for innovation: the latter is the distinctive feature of the social, working and financial ecosystem of Switzerland, which will be the host of this important selection. The promoter of this praiseworthy operation is an unusual and ambitious association, “Swiss Federalism”, which has also set itself the objective of promoting at global level the main assets of the Swiss Confederation: the institutions of direct democracy and the federal division of powers, a logic that essentially dates back to the Grütli Pact of 1291 between Unterwalden, Uri and Schwyz.


Based in Gommiswald in the canton of St. Gallen and founded by the Swiss-Italian entrepreneur and manager Andrea Schenone, “Swiss Federalism” has devised a stimulating competition, subject to the scrutiny of an authoritative jury, capable of attracting and enticing the cream of the most forward-looking global “mini-companies”, which will be given great international visibility among the best European, North American and Swiss venture capitalists. The first twenty winners will be offered the opportunity, at their discretion, to join a Swiss investment fund, which will be created ad hoc, through which they will be able to receive significant funding for their growth and internationalisation projects and really implement their ideas “out of the box”.


Who is the target group for the “Swiss Federalism, GCBL and Milton Friedman Innovative Start-Up/SME Award”, whose recognition ceremony will take place at a gala event already set for 18 September 2021 in Zurich, i.e. in the beating heart of a rich, modern and neutral nation. It is open to university spin-offs, start-ups, innovative SMEs or project ideas with a credible business plan from any country in the world. Admission will be confirmed upon receipt of the business plan and the participation fee, which is set at only 290 CHF (Swiss francs), but with a 50 percent discount for those who are already members of the “Young Business Leaders Program” and “Students for Liberty Association”. The feasibility plan must be written in English and contain an executive summary of no more than two pages. The rules of the competition, also include a bonus mechanism to help those who submit their applications and the necessary documentation quickly. The deadline for all applications is Thursday 15 July 2021: additional 50 points assigned by the jury for applications before the 31st of May 2021

additional 20 points assigned by the jury for applications before the 30th of June 2021.



Link to the registration form:


Link to the Award regulations

The Award regulations (

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