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Last year, while visiting Sicily, I met a chef during an event at San Vito Lo Capo, the stunning strip of land off the northern coast going west. The chef operates a small hotel and annexed restaurant in Pantelleria. As a guest for three days, I got an invitation, flew from Palermo Punta Raisi, and landed on the island after a brief 40 minutes journey. All around me, the sun, sea, wind, and salt were waiting. Pantelleria, literally “Daughter of the Wind,” rises between Africa and Europe. It is 67 km from the Tunisian coast and 85 from the Sicilian one. It does not belong to any archipelago and is the largest of the “satellite islands” of Sicily, with an area of 83 sq km and a perimeter of 51.5 km. Upon arrival, the stunning mountains held by painted clouds, the scent of prickly pears immersed in the salty air.


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There is a constant, recognizable thread in Walter Potenza's career to elevate the level of Italian culinary culture in the United States. Besides his unquestionable culinary talent and his winning business perspective, Chef Walter has been a relentless educator with passion and knowledge who contributes to defeating stereotypes. His life, career, and values are a model, an example to follow, by any Italian gastronomy chef working outside Italy. A native of Mosciano Sant' Angelo in Abruzzo, Italy, is known as one of the most passionate and accomplished practitioners of traditional and historical Italian cooking in the nation. His fields of expertise include Terracotta Cookery, Historical Cookery from the Roman Empire to the Unification of Italy, the Cuisines of the Sephardim Italian Jewish Heritage, and the Mediterranean 21 Health & Wellness, with major emphasis on Diabetes, Celiac and the Cuisines of the 21 countries present in the MED basin.

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