from Jean Baudrillard to the first Global NFT Cryptoart Exhibition by CryptoArt.Ai in Shanghai


curated by
Du Xiyun and Qin Jianxin
29 May – 6 June 2021

“When Nothing surfaces in signs, when Nothingness emerges at the very heart of the sign system, that is the fundamental event of art. The poetic operation is to make Nothingness rises from the power of signs – not banality or indifference towards reality but radical illusion.”
The Conspiracy of Art, 1996, Jean Baudrillard

n the exhibition A Realistic Shocking of the Virtual Authenticity, we could notice the growing vividity of how capable the digital art can become. When the images created by virtual space is becoming more and more ‘real’ and vibrant, when their authenticity has been transferred to the cyberspace, when the ubiquity of daily life is being transferred into the ‘online community’, we might feel a bit of anxious and worried, but more likely, we dive into the sensual realm and befuddled in the stimulations.

The exhibition is organised by CryptoArt.Ai, was the first global scale NFT cryptoart exhibition held in Shanghai, and opened at May 29 2021. It caused phenomenal effect on the opening day, as NFT broke into the mainstream in the beginning of the year with controversies and discussions. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there hasn’t been a holistic and art history-based digital art exhibition globally.

The exhibition has also made several ‘first’ and records in history with 27 artists/groups and their almost 100 pieces of works. The quality of the exhibition and experience maintained clear logic and level. The auction record holder of digital art Beeple also presented his artwork The First 5000 Days on a massive 16 metre screen. Other renowned artists including Pak, mbsjq, Ouchhh and multiple emerging Chinese artists have brought their excellent and rewarded works.

Curator Du Xiyun and Qin Jianxin studied from the history of digital art, dated back the origin or digital art to 1948, when Norber Wiener published his Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine, in which Wiener discussed that the cybernetic is “the scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine”. In another word, it is a cross-disciplinary study on how human, animal, and machine communicate and control with each other. When it extended its significance to the art world, it reflected as how human make influence on apparatus, or vice versa, including the interaction between human and machine and the artworks that generated/created by it. With this theory and application of contemporary technology (computer tech), we could trace back the earliest experiment on digital art, such as Laposky’s oscillogram to CGI, and then as the internet emerged, we witnessed the internet art/post-internet art, and cryptoart based on blockchain technologies.

Participated artists
Beeple | Pak | Hackatao | Ouchhhh | Marcelo Cantu | Max Mao | Jon Noorlander | Suryanto | Jonathan Nash | Andreas | chmiel_art | marc0matic | Shindo | yellosesame | Charles Cheong | CornelSwoboda | etienecraus | Glass Grane | mbsjq | Aimo Yang | VJ Elephant | Song Ting | Wang Ke | Xin Qi

Du Xiyun | Qin Jianxin
Jin Wei | Pan Wei | Zhu Zheng
Art consultants
Wan Heng | Song Ting | Shi Ran
Exhibition organisers
Pan Chenjia | Zhi Ming

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