There are many other breads made with alternative ingredients that may satisfy your taste and avoid the sense of renouncement.
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Following a diet without bread consumption can become a nightmare, especially for those from the Mediterranean Basin, who have enjoyed bread for centuries. But removing bread from your table does not have to be challenging if you consider these three tasty and valid alternatives, which are pleasant to the palate and without the weight-gain dilemma. To have a healthy and sound body, we must follow a regimental exercise program while following a correct diet. Giving up on carbs is not always the right solution, except for some health conditions. It is advisable to follow the nutritionist’s instructions because our body needs fiber and carbohydrates to function correctly. We know for a fact that a 100% wheat elimination may become a hazardous task to undertake.

These are the three bread alternatives I like to share and hopefully help in removing white or wholemeal bread from your table or limit its consumption.

1) Legume bread.

It has a low glycemic index and, if consumed moderately, does not increase your weight. For example, you can prepare delicious cannellini beanballs, pea bread, or chickpea crêpes as valid alternatives to your usual.

2) Cereal bread.

If you particularly like cereals, opt for loaves of bread made with corn, rice, or millet. They do not contain gluten, but they have a slightly higher glycemic index than legume bread. If you do not do a lot of physical activity or suffer from allergies to the seasonal outdoors, it is always advisable to consult with your doctor.

3) Pseudo-cereal bread.

Buckwheat and quinoa combined are considered a cross between legume bread and cereal bread and particularly tasty. Other valuable ideas are amaranth bread, quinoa wraps, or buckwheat bread, filled with any exciting ingredients of choice. Think out of the bread box for unusual tastes.

There are plenty of reasons why we ought to consider avoiding white and whole wheat bread. One, in particular, is the gluten and the excessive starch content present in the formulas. Gluten is a protein that our system does not digest easily, and starches are detrimental to those combating diabetes because they tend to raise the glycemic index significantly.

Also, minimize the consumption of unleavened bread because the combination of wheat flour and water can considerably increase your body weight. Perhaps it is good to remove bread from the dinner portion of the day and enjoy some of it during lunch. Consuming bread with carbohydrates during the hours leading up to the night increases the possibility of turning into adipose tissue and increases weight.

Adipose tissue is a specialized connective tissue consisting of lipid-rich cells called adipocytes. As it comprises about 20-25% of total body weight in healthy individuals, the primary function of adipose tissue is to store energy in the form of lipids (fat). (Trusted Source)

In conclusion, when browsing the bread aisle at your grocery store, look for the term “100% whole-grain” or “100% whole-wheat” on the package. In-depth info here.

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Thanks for reading. Eat safe! Ciao Chef W

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