Aposave Ltd and Orphan Disease Specialists
Laboratoires CTRS enter strategic partnership to drive awareness and treatment of Bile Acid Synthesis Disorders
in the Benelux region

Aposave Ltd and Laboratoires CTRS are proud to announce the signing of an exclusive contract to drive awareness and diagnosis of primary Bile Acid Synthesis Disorders (BASD) across the Benelux countries – Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


The agreement provides exclusive distribution rights for Orphacol® (cholic acid) to the Benelux countries. In addition, Aposave has been contracted to support and drive the identification of patients with primary BASD through a program of: –

  • Market Research and Access Support
  • Medical Awareness and Clinician Engagement
  • Diagnostic Support

Simon Estcourt, Aposave Managing Director explains: “I am extremely proud of our Commercial Partnerships Team. They continue to do a fantastic job for our partners Laboratoires CTRS in the UK, and we are now adding Benelux to our joint projects.  Aposave’s ambition, as part of the Abacus Medicine Group, is to provide better access to medicines to all patient groups and this project supporting a rare disease like BASD is a perfect fit.”

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with the Aposave team who already provide active support in the UK. This new adventure in Benelux represents an important step for patients suffering from often life-threatening bile acid synthesis disorders in these countries and allows Laboratoires CTRS to expand its reach for the benefit of those patients,” says Antoine Ferry, CEO of Laboratoires CTRS.

BASD are rare genetic disorders caused by a lack of various enzymes involved in the synthesis of bile acids in liver cells. They are responsible for 1-2% of cases of neonatal cholestasis. Neonatal cholestasis:

–    occurs in around 1 in 2,500 live births
–    is the main cause of liver-related paediatric hospitalisations
–    is responsible for 80% of paediatric liver transplantations
The two most frequent BASD responsible for chronic liver disease are 3β-hydroxy-Δ5-C27-steroid oxidoreductase deficiency, or Δ4-3-oxosteroid-5β-reductase deficiency. The estimated prevalence of which is 1.13 cases per 10 million in Europe.

These disorders usually present as cholestatic jaundice and/or hepatic insufficiency, but the clinical presentation is variable which makes the diagnosis of these patients more complex. However, early diagnosis is essential because these disorders can be treated and if not, may be life threatening. Aposave and Laboratoires CTRS are committed to raise awareness to help patients to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

For more information about BASD visit the following websites:

“Exploring (rare) cholestasis” is a free-access website reserved for healthcare professionals and dedicated to providing information about cholestasis and cholestatic jaundice in paediatric patients and primary BASD”

“How to diagnose BASD?”

Aposave Ltd is part of the Abacus Medicine Group, a fast-growing supplier of original prescription medicines. 1,100 employees service thousands of customers in Europe and the rest of the world. With a customised ERP system, a bespoke global distribution centre and a leadership team with decades of experience, Aposave is evolving into the next-generation healthcare and pharma services company by combining the infrastructure and skills at Abacus Medicine with the experience and expertise within Aposave.

Laboratoires CTRS is a French pharmaceutical company with a strong international presence, dedicated to rare and ultra-rare diseases. CTRS has successfully established both public and private partnerships and collaborations with major research groups that mainly focus on genetic diseases and cancer.
The company has more than 20 collaborators as well as a network of long-standing commercial partners all over the world. For more information on CTRS, go to and follow us on LinkedIn.

Orphacol® (cholic acid) is an approved treatment for inborn errors in primary bile acid synthesis due to 3β-hydroxy-Δ5-C27-steroid oxidoreductase deficiency or Δ4-3-oxosteroid-5β-reductase deficiency. Orphacol® has a centralised marketing authorization since 2013. It is a life-saving treatment which has obtained national and international awards such as “Prix Galien” and “International Prix Galien”. The product also obtained the highest recognition from Prescrire (an independent medical journal in France).

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