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BCP: Bishops of Poland, repent and receive the Spirit of truth and bravery

of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski!


Dear Bishops of Poland,

from the biography of this saint we learn that at historic moments, when the Polish Church was devastated by war and then oppressed by the communist regime, Cardinal Wyszynski stood resolutely in her defence. Thanks to him, communism could not destroy the Church in Poland as much as in other countries, such as the Czech Republic. At a strategic moment, this Cardinal took a heroic stance, the Church mobilized, and the communists then had to respect her position.

For comparison: Seminaries in the Czech Republic were dissolved. There was only one left in Litomerice. When the current Czech Cardinal Duka entered the seminary in 1965, there was only one priest ordained for the Diocese of Olomouc, although more than 30 priests died in that year. The number of seminarians in the whole seminary was about 70 for all Czech dioceses. All male religious orders in the Czech Republic were dissolved overnight. Bishops were placed in internment camps and prisons. At that time, we as seminarians read with astonishment the statistics showing that there were 7,000 seminarians in Poland during those years and no male monastery had been dissolved. Dear Bishops of Poland, it was Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, your hero, who took the credit for it!

Today, by contrast, many bishops are rightly called clericalists. It is necessary to know what clericalism is and what it is not. The encyclopaedia defines it as follows: Clericalism is the use of religion (the Catholic Church) for other purposes.

What is the purpose of the Church and of a true shepherd – bishop? The purpose is to preach Christ, His Gospel and true repentance, without which no one will be saved (Lk 13:3). So the purpose is to lead souls along the safe path of the saving faith and God’s commandments to a happy eternity. If the Church and the spiritual shepherd – bishop – neglects this, the souls go through his fault along the broad path to eternal damnation – to hell. If a bishop or pope abuses his power for other purposes, promoting sodomy, transsexualism, paganism, even the legalization of same-sex unions, Islamization or imposing experimental, fatally dangerous vaccination, it is a sign of clericalism. Such a clericalist is the opposite of Card. Wyszynski. A clericalist serves the powers that be (elites), winning laurels or other rewards from them. He becomes a traitor of Christ, causes great outrage to the souls entrusted to him and drags them towards destruction.

We have to say with sorrow that the greatest clericalist today is pseudo Pope Bergoglio who, along with his homonetwork, is the complete opposite of Card. Wyszynski. Dear Bishops of Poland, whose example will you follow and whose spirit will you choose to have? The apostate Bergoglio or Card. Wyszynski, a Polish heroic saint?

Why does the Church proclaim saints for public veneration? Above all to encourage us to follow their heroic life and faithfulness to Christ even at the cost of martyrdom!

Today, Bergoglio destroys the Church far more intensely than the fascist or communist regime. Next month, he will start the synodal process, which is to be completed in two years with the elimination of the institution of the papacy. Do you not know this, dear Polish bishops? It is disrespectful to Cardinal Wyszynski, a true saint and hero of faith, to be beatified by a delegate of a false Pope, a heretic, an apostate and a destroyer of the Church, owing to whom the entire beatification ceremony will be null and void. According to the Dogmatic Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, all actions of a heretic shall be without force.

An honest and true solution is as follows: the beatification decree shall be promulgated by a delegate of the Polish episcopate, and the delegate of the apostate pseudo Pope shall be rejected by you. With this radical gesture, the Polish episcopate will publicly separate itself from the curse that the heresiarch Bergoglio brings even on the Polish Church, and will launch its own synodal path instead of Bergoglio’s synodal process. You will then be able to recognize the true and legitimate Pope. Even today, God has given a personality who has the same spirit as Cardinal Wyszynski and can hold the responsible papal office in these difficult times. We speak of the former US nuncio who has bravely opposed the homolobby in the highest positions in the Vatican and has called on Bergoglio to resign. Like Cardinal Wyszynski, he also risks his own life for his defence of the Church.

It was stated in a pastoral letter and the organizational guidelines that bishops, priests and believers must wear masks during the beatification ceremony! We ask: Are the bishops and priests of Poland aware that with this gesture they show their subordination to the system of a false pandemic promoting experimental vaccination? By doing so, they cause offence to the believers and the nation, and become instruments of curse, genocide and the satanization of Poland!

On 11 August 2021, Polish Catholic researchers addressed an open letter to you, the Bishops of Poland.

Quote: “We are addressing you regarding the use of churches and parishes as vaccination centres against Covid-19.”

They mentioned a specific example of what fruit vaccination bears: Until quite recently, it took to wait for a place in a retirement home up to 2.5 years. There is now no waiting list anymore because they already have a shortage of pensioners. Why? Pensioners are injected with mRNA preparations, after which they no longer wake up, dying at night. These deaths, however, are attributed to old age.

Are you aware of what the vaccination centres you create in parishes really are and who they serve? The dangerous vaccine turns people – if they survive the vaccination – into genetically modified organisms. Its basis is tissue sadistically torn from an unborn child before it is killed. The Covid vaccine is already part of the chipping process! It is included in the programme of reduction or genocide of humanity. This criminal vaccination is also the condition for meeting with Bergoglio in Slovakia on 12-15 September 2021. A frightening example of pro-vaccine propaganda is Archbp Bober and Archbp Babjak. Under the Nuremberg Code, Bergoglio along with the Slovak prelates and others like them should be brought to justice!

How to oppose the enslaving system specifically during the beatification ceremony?

As a gesture of freedom, throw away masks and start telling the truth! On 27 July 2021, a cross procession was held in Kiev attended by almost half a million believers, where neither Metropolitan Onufry, nor any bishop, priest or believer wore a mask! None of them fell ill or died. There was a similar religious celebration in Pochayev on 5 August involving a large number of participants without masks. Denmark and eleven US states have currently lifted all absurd Covid restrictions.

Why has the Polish episcopate succumbed to clericalism and is eager to reap laurels from the world powers that be who serve Satan? Why is that so? Because the Polish bishops still submit to the heresiarch Bergoglio, who fully serves this antichristian system. That is why you have a spirit of fear when you are afraid of those in power and blindly and cowardly submit to them. That is why you are promoting absurd masks, vaccino-chipping, and hence the satanization of Poland. And therefore it is so important to take a step of separating from pseudo Pope Bergoglio and not allowing the papal legate to take part in the beatification ceremony!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr                                    + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops

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