Letter N18

To Americans People


To president of USA

Joe Biden

To congressmen of USA

To Senate of USA


N1 The Future Avenue of

Khor Virap-Mountain Ararat, Church Khor Virap

The holy place of the Old and


From Khachatryan U.



Dear Americans

Dear Biden

Dear Congressmen

Dear Senators


If you are asleep, wake up, if you are drunk, sober up, if you are unconscious, come to your senses and respect, love your President Biden, who stopped  in Afghanistan the war, because of which killed your sons,  in order for the USA arms companies to get rich, the USA has spent  50-100 million $ every year in Afghanistan.

Even now, 15% of Americans want the United States to go to war with Russia in Ukraine.

But you know that the real Russia is Ukraine, which is the cradle of the Russian people, Kievan Russia, where in 988 the Russians converted to Christianity.

The Russians went from North Russia to North, South, West, East.

It is worth remembering that Moscow was founded in 1147.

Ukrainians are real Russians than Russian of Russia.

Until the Russian Communist Revolution of 1917, neither Ukraine nor the Ukrainian nation existed.

Ukraine was created at the request of Germany in 1918, instead of which the Germans promised to cooperate with Communist Russia.

By the way, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan did not exist before the Russian Communist Revolution of 1917, nor did the peoples living in those republics.

All this was created by Lenin so that the USSR would have more votes in the League of Nations.

So help Biden if you do not want a war.

Russia poses no threat to the United States or other countries.

I lost 100% of my business in Russia and 30 million dollars in real estate.

Although on September 27, 2020, Russia allowed Turkey, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, and other countries to attack Artsakh and Armenia․ All the same I’m just telling the truth, and the truth is that the real Russia is Ukraine.

Christ said forgive each other.

So, I forgive  the Russian officials who have done so much damage to me, my homeland, and I declare again that the real Russia is Ukraine.


Best Regards  Khachatryan U.



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