Reunion Island electro rockers TRICKSTERLAND & Loki Lonestar releases co-album «Le Voyage»

TRICKSTERLAND & Loki Lonestar releases «Le Voyage» An Electro Rock Metal album totally crazy & completely addictive. The orginal album was released in July 2th 2015 and now gain a reedition / remastered including the three Video-Singles.

Not Me:


Uzi Dance:

Sex, Drugs & Fame:

Just Imagine…Aliens, Anti-heroes, who travelled accross time and space to land on Earth…this is the music of TRICKSTERLAND, a Electro Rock Voodoo band from outa space. A mix of electro, trip hop, hardcore and rock metal, TRICKSTERLAND offers explosive music, powerful dancefloor beats, crazy guitar riffs and wacky performances.

Loki Lonestar has been performing for many years and today, more than ever, it expresses the primitive rage. The world needs a paradigm shift and Loki Lonestar is the voice of the primitive people.

The album was mixed & mastered from RADIUM (frontman DJ from MICROPOINT). TRICKSTERLAND toured all around Europe & open for bands such as LITTLE BIG & SODOMA GOMORA.

On stage TRICKSTERLAND worked with many different Artists listed : Bloody MC (Guitars & Clarinette) – Kloahk (Guitars) – Mastermind (Performances) – Tyler Baby (Performances) , Amongst others.

«Le Voyage»

Informazione equidistante ed imparziale, che offre voce a tutte le fonti di informazione

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