Musician Kurt Baker Announces New Weekly Radio Show ‘The Buzz Electric with Kurt Baker,’ Airing Saturdays (4am-8am ET) on SiriusXM’s Little Steven’s Underground Garage, Channel 21

“Four hours of maximum rock ‘n’ soul”

Latest Album ‘Rock N Roll Club’ out now via Wicked Cool Records


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Acclaimed American musician/songwriter, and power pop/rock maestro Kurt Baker has announced a new 4-hour weekly radio show The Buzz Electric with Kurt Baker,’ airing weekly on Saturdays from 4am-8am on Little Steven’s Underground Garage.

Baker says, “I am beyond excited to announce that I’ve been given the opportunity to host my own radio program on the one and only The Underground Garage Channel 21 on SiriusXM! This has been a dream of mine for many years, and now that it’s come true, I couldn’t be more psyched to spin some of the greatest music ever made on the best Rock N Roll Radio Station in the World! The show is called “The Buzz Electric” and each week I’ll be showcasing a new and upcoming track from some of my favorite artists – the “Supersonic Selection”, and much much more! Tune in Saturday mornings at 4.00 a.m. EST/1.00 a.m. PST for four hours of maximum rock ‘n’ soul – and fun!

I’d like to thank the staff at The Underground Garage for all their support over the years, which has made this new opportunity all the more fun and exciting, as well as my two best buddies and bandmates Geoff and Wyatt for all their help, wouldn’t be here without ’em. When I first started DJ’ing vinyl in Portland, Maine years ago I called the night The Buzz Electric, so it was only fitting to continue with that title – but credit must be given to a little old band from The Netherlands called the Apers, who released a great album with the same title, and hence where I got the name from.

Cheers, and see you in Little Steven’s Underground Garage!”

Baker recently dropped his highly infectious new album ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Club,’ via Wicked Cool Records.

Stream the LP here:



Upcoming shows:

Japan Tour

Oct 22th Halloween Ball at LOFT SHINJUKU. TOKYO

Oct 25th at Livehaus SHIMOKITAZAWA. TOKYO

Oct 26th at Top Beat Club TOKYO

Oct 27th at Top Beat Club TOKYO

Oct 28th at OYS NAGOYA




What People Have Written About Kurt Baker’

“Power-pop perfection.”- Billboard

“…punk-meets-Elvis Costello rocking… definitely fits in the power pop mold, but also has a heavier guitar presence that gives it more energy and intensity. Baker also incorporates a subtle New Wave touch, bringing to mind some of the finest rock gems of the 1980s… gets you excited for when we will finally be able to see acts like them perform live one day.”- Glide Magazine

“Would make Elvis Costello proud… a record brimming with sweet harmonies, razor-sharp hooks, and addictive melodies…bringing to mind everyone from Jellyfish to Material Issue at various points of the record… A remarkably fun album by one of the most consistently solid acolytes of power pop working today.”- New Noise

“It’s got that new wave/power pop meets early ’80s FM rock (Donnie Iris, Cheap Trick, .38 Special) vibe with just a hint of ’90s Lookout! Records. If you’re into big hooks, punchy guitars, and catchy choruses, this album will not leave you wanting. Say what you will about 2020. But any year that gives us a new Kurt Baker record can’t be entirely bad!”- Faster & Louder

“Kurt Baker does the power pop thing like a champ…the hooks are full of pop goodness and the singalongs come from all directions.”- That’s Good Enough For Me

“…a 12 track alt-rock masterclass. Traversing varying sonic landscapes such as new romantic, post-punk, power-pop et cetera, this set will thrill legitimate longtime fans and new converts alike.”- Global Texan Chronicles

“One of the bright lights keeping the flames of power pop lit.”- Jersey Beat

“Blending his signature indie garage rock and power pop styles, “Outta Sight” is packed with sweet melodies and grittier dynamics.”- Rebel Noise

“This could easily be Baker’s best album to date.”- Real Gone Rocks

“Confirms Kurt Baker as something of a power-pop genius. ‘After Party’ is a lockdown tonic we should all take a swig of. – RPM Online

“……a total spoil of riches for any fan of 80s culture.”- American Songwriter


“Kurt Baker, one of our era’s foremost proponents of power pop and keeper of the flame, returns with his latest album chock full of rock and roll goodness. The music is essential listening for all fans of power pop and rock.” – Jersey Beat

“Kurt is definitely looking to put the power into his power pop sound. This is an absolute top notch album. It is chock full of great tunes and most importantly is brilliant fun to listen to.”- Soul Of A Clown

“Man, this guy can’t sleep with the amount of stand-out melodies he takes ownership of from the ether. Another thing you’ll notice is its sunshine rock n roll, you imagine he writes and records with a beaming smile slapped across his face.”- RPM Online

“…shows an artist branching out and pushing forward….”- Real Gone

“I don’t know how this guy’s head doesn’t explode with the amount of dynamite power pop melodied he has going off constantly…boy, does it make you smile.”- RPM Online

“What a tune, and what a great freaking band! This album is gonna be a monster.”- Faster & Louder

“New England’s Kurt Baker makes some of the finest vintage sounding power pop out there. It sounds like when the Ramones would cover classic rock tunes from the 60’s, mixed with the sweetness of Big Star and the huge guitar solos of Cheap Trick.”- If It’s Too Loud

“Kurt Baker continues to impress… joined by Wyatt Funderburk, Geoff Palmer, and Kris Rodgers, it sounds like a potential top-ten LP.”- Power Popaholic

Kurt Baker is an American musician and singer-songwriter who is best known for his work as a guitarist and vocalist in the power pop and punk rock genres. He is the lead singer and guitarist for the Kurt Baker Band, a group that has released several albums on Little Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records and toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Baker is known for his energetic live performances and catchy, upbeat songs that often feature clever lyrics and catchy hooks. He has drawn inspiration from a wide range of musical styles, including rock, pop, punk, and new wave.It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine


Wicked Cool Records



What do Little Richard, The White Stripes, Darlene Love, The Beatles, and The Ramones have in common? Little Steven’s Underground Garage! Maximum Rock and Soul!

In April of 2002 Stevie Van Zandt launched Little Steven’s Underground Garage, his internationally syndicated terrestrial Rock and Soul radio show. Each week Little Steven takes audiences on a two hour trip through all 60 years of Rock and Roll, and it’s roots. Not only does The Underground Garage play the coolest Rock records ever made, but it has helped introduce over 1000 new bands throughout the history of the show including The White Stripes, The Strokes, The Hives, Arcade Fire, Gaslight Anthem, The Black Keys, Rival Sons, and more to an international audience. Over 40% of the format is dedicated to new music and emerging artists.

The show also features pop culture history, Steven’s anecdotes, fun facts, and occasional interviews. It is broadcast on over 80 stations in 200 plus markets, including internationally in Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Peru, and Australia, as well as worldwide on the American Forces Network and Voice of America.

Over 1000 consecutive weekly episodes have aired and have included such special guests as Jack Black, Brian Wilson, Ray Davies, Peter Wolf, Iggy Pop, Ringo Starr, Keith Richards, Paul McCartney, and Bruce Springsteen, and has been endorsed by legends like David Bowie, Pete Townshend, Lou Reed, Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Jett, Robert Plant, James Hetfield, Debbie Harry and many, many others.

The success of the radio show has allowed Little Steven’s Underground Garage to expand beyond the world of radio into television, live events, albums, satellite radio, and more.

The Underground Garage on SIRIUSXM:

In 2003, after the success of “Little Steven’s Underground Garage,” the newly launched Sirius Satellite Radio recruited Steven to create it’s FIRST original content. He would start the service’s first 24/7 branded music channels, while also continuing to record his syndicated terrestrial show. One channel was “The Underground Garage.” Stylistically the format is a continuation of the syndicated terrestrial show. While radio was turning towards computer generated playlists, Steven would go in the complete opposite direction and hire Rock and Roll personalities from various backgrounds as DJ’s to add their own stories and anecdotes to the music.


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