UK-based duo Arms & Hearts has released the new single ‘Binaries.’

Watch the “Binaries” video here:

Stream the single on DSPs:


After realizing that The Steve Miller band was already taken, Manchester, UK-based Steven Millar started Arms & Hearts as an acoustic project in 2015. Since then they’ve released their debut album ‘The Distance Between,’ and toured the world, playing alongside the likes of Carl Barat, Nervus & Chris Farren as well as playing at major festivals such as Fest (Gainsville, USA) Pouzza (Canada) & Manchester Punk Festival and are now back as a two piece with Sam Johnson (Drums).

Infused with sparkly synths and chorus effect-laden guitars, and taking inspiration from artists like Spanish Love Songs, Turnover & Chris Farren, Arms & Hearts creates a sound that is both nostalgically resonant and refreshingly modern.

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