French metal band S.Y.G.M.A release new single “A New Day”

S.Y.G.M.A is excited to present their third single “A New Day” on streaming platforms, accompanied by a music video. Watch here:

S.Y.G.M.A is a french metal band associated with other sub-genres like groove, hardcore, punk, or melodic. Inspired by bands like Korn, Prefect Circle or Hellyeah, the two founders Vince T (composer, guitars, programming) and Farid B (lyrics and vocals) are both crazy about melodies with strong and deep sound. “Trouble” their debut single (may 2023) and “Voices” their second single (october 2023), are perfect examples of their sound signature. Following many years and a great deal of experience playing in different bands of fusion, punk, goth, tribal metal (D-Fé, Komptoir Chaos, 23h17…). They decided to create S.Y.G.M.A, their most-personal project, and to self-produce the music they would like to listen; all aiming at expressing their inner selves and release their own music.


After an extremely brief communication campaign on the web, “Trouble” and “Voices”, their first two singles, have already obtained very good feedbacks from professional media from all over the world. Given this strong and positive momentum, S.Y.G.M.A is focused on creating new stunning songs, and more material will be released soon.

“A New Day”:

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